IMODiag, Ltd. is certified by ISO 9001:2008, which attests the adoption of a Quality Management System.
With the scope of supply Building Diagnostics (technical inspections to buildings using own procedure) IMODiag ensures the quality of their services.
The continuous improvement of the Quality Management System requires an effort and commitment of the entire organization towards the standard, and to all clients.
Through the application of this system the company is able to develop methods and processes that improve the performance of the entire organization, offering services that meet the needs and ambitions of their customers.
NP EN ISO/IEC 17020:2006
The IMODiag, Lda. acts according to the NP EN ISO/IEC 17020: 2006, which was drawn up with the objective of promoting confidence in inspection bodies, which follow the criteria of this standard. 

The norm in question discriminate the general criteria for the operation of various types of impartial bodies, carrying out inspections, such as Independence, impartiality and integrity, confidentiality of the information obtained from the services, a system of quality inspection methods and procedures, and among other key points. 

The need to follow the parameters contained in the Norm and to maximize the quality of the company's services, was elaborated the MAI - IMODiag Evaluation Method.

MAI – IMODiag Evaluation Method
The property diagnostics are prepared by IMODiag on the basis of the MAI -IMODiag Evaluation Method - , which consists of an assessment of 82 critical points of the property, from which it emerges in the classification of the anomaly diagnosed.

The conservation status of ceilings, walls and floors of the building, both indoor and outdoor, as well as all existing infrastructures, are scanned with this method of evaluation.

The application of MAI translates into rigorous and objective reports, since the irregularities are described and exemplified by following the same model, regardless of technician that review the building. The evaluation criteria are thus more specific and objective, concise and expeditious.

The MAI is duly registered and respects the Portuguese Standard EN ISO/IEC 17020 : 2006.

Technical measuring equipment used by IMODiag for the realization of their diagnoses, are properly calibrated and certified, and complies with the standards EN ISO 14253-1 and EN ISO 9001:2000.

Technological Equipment used by IMODiag’s technicians in their diagnosis:

  • Thermal camera
  • Sound Level Meter
  • Clamp Meter
  • Gas meter
  • Water pump
The IMODiag provides its customers the archiving of reports in a Notary Office. 

This solution guarantees the non-infringement of the report, certifies a record date and gives the possibility to be reproduced by other stakeholders with the accuracy and credibility, certified by Notary Office Services.


This procedure applies to services: IMOBase, IMOCorrectivo, IMOJurídico and IMOCondominio.


01 - Verification of the conservation status of finishing materials:
 - Walls;     
- Roofs;
- Floors;
- Exterior Openings;
- Interior Openings;
- Metalwork;
- Fixed Furniture (permanent).

02 –  Measurement of Humidity
- Exterior;
-  Interior (with windows and doors closed).

03 - Acoustic Measurement
- Exterior;
- Interior (with windows and doors closed).

04 - Measurement of CO
- With doors and windows closed and heater running, two-burner stove and hood.

05 - Electrical Verification
- Electric Table (switches and differentials);
- Electrical Outlet in I.S and Kitchen;
 - Outlets, switches and switches (sampling);
 - Lighting roof, including the I.S. and kitchen;
 - Measurement of earth resistance;
 - Analyze the power;
- Check the insulation resistance;
- Voltage electrical installation.

06 - Check the installation of water
 - I.S. and kitchen or at the most unfavorable (farthest point from the water meter);
- Checking the status of the counter;
- Checking the status of the installation, including diameters and connections;
- Checking the status of the terminal devices

07 - Check the installation of waste water
- Checking the status of the installation, including diameters and connections;  
- Checking the status of the devices of the installation.

08 - Thermographic Verification
- Liable Areas to thermal bridges (window frames, exterior walls, cover slab, etc.).
- Level of thermal insulation of the property;
- Electric panel;
- Detection of humidities and leaks.

09 - Detection of gas leaks
- Checking the status of the counter;
- Checking the status of the installation, including diameters and connections;
 - Checking the status of the terminal devices.

10 - Verification of thermal insulation
- Level of thermal insulation of the property;
- Detection of humidities and leaks.

11 - Verification of HVAC equipment
- Checking the operating status;
- Checking the status of the installation.


Work supervision

IMODiag, Lda. account with the services of preparation, monitoring and supervision of work, thereby contributing to greater control of the work and cost control.

This service is oriented to condominiums and business management / administration of condominiums.

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